Xerox PrimeLink – the Best Entry Level High Volume Office Printer?

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Which is the Best Entry Level High Volume Office Printer

Professionals working across graphic arts, marketing, architecture and design, and in-house corporate communications teams have all faced the same challenge: which office printer will match their demands for precise colour rendering, high quality, perfect document registration and speed?

Diverse requirements from many specialists

The answer is to be found by understanding the commercial print industry. There’s no one size fits all, because essential features for one user might be superfluous for the next.

An architect might need to prioritise over-sized prints up to banner lengths, while the marketing team might be focussed on delivering bound and stitched reports, the so-called ‘print finishing options’.

Corporate communications specialists might go a step further and need to produce 100,000 folded prints to be sent by direct mail. With so many potential demands, how do you select a single printer able to take on these challenges?

The Xerox PrimeLink C9065 is the universal work horse

We think we’ve found the answer! It’s called the PrimeLink C9065, and its total innovation from Xerox, the inventors of the office copier. This is the compact workhorse which fits discretely into any office environment.

The beauty of the PrimeLink is that it was designed from the ground up with a robust commercial-grade production printer at its heart. It is intended to be a central component of any commercial printing operation, and it can deliver quality output all day long at an impressive 70 ppm.

For the office user, though, you just need the core unit. From here, just add the paper handling and finishing options relevant to your in-house demands.

High-speed, high quality printing

Quality is key. The PrimeLink has won numerous awards, and small wonder: it delivers 2400 x 2400 dpi for outstanding fine-line detail, with vivid images and smooth colour transitions — even at speeds of up to 70 ppm.

The print quality demanded by marketing and graphic arts professionals is more than print resolution: colour matching is critical for corporate branding. We believe that by Xerox® including their Integrated Colour Server as standard, Xerox have positioned the PrimeLink to be the easy choice, avoiding the common pitfall of buying a good printer without the supporting technology to gain the maximum print quality.

The Key factor is CMYK+

However, for the more sophisticated users – at whom the Xerox PrimeLink is aimed – there’s one factor which really stands out: colour choice! Gone are the days of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key/Black)! Now users can finish their documents with clear costs, true blacks, brilliant whites, gold, silver, and even an array of fluorescent toners.

Speciality dry inks create commercial opportunity

Xerox have led the way with printers able to offer up to six inline dry ink stations so CMYK may be supplemented with speciality dry inks. The design possibilities – and commercial opportunities – opened to the graphic artist are breath-taking, and early adopters are reaping the rewards with client satisfaction and, let’s not forget, that magical ingredient which is customer acquisition!

Enhance PrimeLink performance with EFI print servers

Recognising that the graphic arts industry is so varied, Xerox have shown again that it’s unreasonable to lock their clients into one way of doing things, so users can configure the PrimeLink with any one of three optional EFI print servers for more capabilities and more volume.

All you have to do is select the best fit based on your business applications and the level of print automation and colour accuracy you need.

ConnectKey bridges the gap between commercial and office printers

Between the office user and the commercial print copy shop, there’s always been somewhat of a technology gulf.

Again, Xerox have bridged the gap by offering their office-ready ConnectKey technology on the PrimeLink. ConnectKey brings to every user, the most complete suite of business-grade software applications which are able to automate mundane office tasks. There are ConnectKey apps which translate documents, automate your accounts payable functions, and even automate any technical support.

The Advanced UK Verdict

We appreciate the best-in-class finishing options: the PrimeLink has no competition. Advanced UK’s Jason Bryant, part of the Production Print team, said,

There’s no doubt that clients are seizing on this machine’s ability to print on speciality and heavyweight stocks of up to 350gsm, as well as Extra Long Sheet (XLS) media.

The Xerox PrimeLink configured with all finishing options

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Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kits won BLI Award
The Xerox PrimeLink is compact enough for any office environment

How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

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