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Why did the Illinois Dept. of Human Services select Xerox Baltoro, over Canon I300 and why is the Tecnau sheet feeder so important?

Faced with a demand to produce two million pieces of newsletters, forms and signage per month, they were determined to lower their print costs. The final decision came down to the economics of Roll vs. Cut Sheet.

Reduction of print waste is key factor

They chose roll capabilities because it reduces the waste and storage headaches of boxes (which are inevitably wrapped in plastic), and there’s an automatic 10% savings versus sheets.

When evaluating operating costs, single-pass versus over-print was considered. Historically they printed their 4/c shells and then over-printed them at a later date. With the addition of the Baltoro they can print what they need when they need it. This will virtually eliminate and print related waste and make them much more efficient.

The Canon i300 has no roll option

Critically, though they’ll now able to utilise different sized sheets on the fly by integrating a Tecnau Sheet-feeder and since the Canon i300 has no roll option, the decision was sealed in favour of Xerox.

Increasing your margins by 15% equates to a 45% increase in turnover, and with print quality so exceptional, perhaps inkjet should be on your radar?

Baltoro offers new commercial opportunities

When you explore the advantages of the Xerox Baltoro HF inkjet press, one of the first things which will strike you are the new commercial opportunities this brings to your operation. For example, you can print on a range of offset coated media (including gloss), and the capabilities of the Baltoro are enhanced by the combination of the Colour Accelerator Module and its portfolio of High Fusion Inks.

The Baltoro has a strong Automated Intelligence (AI) software engine, which lowers your total cost of ownership quite dramatically. But it’s the Baltoro’s High Fusion print engine combined with the Xerox High Fusion W-Series Inkjet Heads which set this above the competition: you gain a true high definition 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution all in a modular and scalable platform.

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Xerox Baltoro Inkjet Unleashes Commercial Opportunities

As was noted in the prestigious Association of Print Technologies ‘RED HOT’ award, the Baltoro is:

a breakthrough platform that expands into the commercial print environment and supports high-quality production with economics similar to offset printing

The Baltoro has scooped the industry awards

The awards keep coming too, with the Baltoro winning the PIA InterTech™ Technology Award as a technology judged to be truly innovative and ‘expected to have a significant impact upon graphic communications’.

Given that Xerox have developed every aspect of this remarkable machine, from the frame to the engine, we expect the platform to develop faster, and with greater innovation, than any competitor and there’s only one conclusion: inkjet has truly arrived for the production press operator.

The full range of Xerox commercial presses, both digital and inkjet, are available throughout the UK from Advanced UK, the original Xerox Platinum Partner.

Red Hot Technology Pioneer Award
2020 Intertech Technology Awards

How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

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