Why Print Management Software is Essential

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Print Management Software and why it is Essential

Print management software is focussed on the device management, cost management, and output management of one of your organisations most expensive technology assets: your fleet of printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs).

The average UK office worker prints 10,000 pages per year*, and a staggering 15% of that goes directly to the recycling bin since it was printed in error, was a draft document, or was simply forgotten and left on the central office printer. Is yours one of the small businesses (less than 1,000 employees) which has no idea of how much you are spending on office print?

Statistically, 52% of small businesses leave their purchasing decisions to key individuals who don’t have the tools to understand the total cost of their office print production and, even worse, almost half of them are spending more than £10,000 annually.

Once your organisation appreciates that the huge cost overhead of office print is hurting the bottom line, the logic of deploying software to control the cost is irrefutable.

As you explore the topic, you will realise that the cost of what you print is more than the sum of your equipment leasing costs and costs per page: there’s lost productivity through having the wrong printers for the nature of the work, the overhead of having too many printers (most of which sit idle throughout the day), internal and external IT technical support, and the very real risk of a serious and reportable data breach.

Let’s explore the three areas of print management software applicability in more detail.

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Analysing how print management software can help
Why print management software is essential
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Print remains critical to business communications, and while great strides have been made to reduce what gets printed, overall volumes remain high. The cost of office printers should be recognised for the valuable technology assets they are, but IT and office administrators need the right tools to understand fully how those assets are being utilised. After all, there’s no point in paying for an idle machine.

When considering the entire print estate, which is all devices which ‘put marks on paper’, from desktop printers to multifunctional devices and even fax machines, it’s imperative that data security is treated as a priority. The Data Protection officer or Compliance Officer must be briefed, and an organisation-wide security strategy implemented.

Successful organisations will benefit from print management software solutions because they will have the accurate data and analytics to know how their assets are being deployed, where costs may be reduced, and they will have less risk of a regulatory breach. For these reasons especially, it’s time to invest and to reap the benefits: the return on investment is indisputable.


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