Why is Digital Transformation Important to your Business?

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Digital Transformation and why it’s Important to your Business

The pandemic effect has brought the topics of risk management and business continuity to the boardroom of every business and, as a result, we see near-universal acceptance that digital transformation cited as an actionable item of the highest priority.

A well-delivered digital transformation program, adequately supported and funded by senior management, reduces risk and strengthens every business to better ensure its future success. We’re going to explore some of the key drivers.

Digital transformation is the leveraging of technology to enhance business processes, customer experiences and corporate culture. These processes might already be digital, but so dated that they’re inefficient, or the process may still be manual – such as your accounts payable team keying data by hand, such as when processing incoming invoices and loading them into your financial suite.

With the pace of technological change, what required a full-time employee to fulfil just five years ago, might now be a role for which 80% of the function might be fully automated, as it is with modern Purchase to Pay (P2P) solutions.

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Digital Transformation with Advanced UK


The modern customer demands immediate response. And, so, I close the article by asking you how your office telephone system coped during the Spring 2020 lockdown: did all of your telephones divert automatically, and could you staff working remotely transfer calls between each other? Probably not. How much did that single failure cost your organisation?

Your digital transformation journey might begin with migrating to a VOIP telephone system, and this will please not only your customers, but it will delight your staff too.

From a management perspective, you’ve just reduced your risk, and from a business continuity standpoint you’ll have implemented a key disaster management feature.

One thing is certain: digital transformation is continuous process, and its importance will remain supreme.

How Do I Find Out More?

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Humperdinck Jackman – Marketing Director

Humperdinck has a 30-year career spanning Document Management Systems (DMS), data protection, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Robotic Process Automation. With many articles published in print internationally, he believes the advances in office technology are such that we’re entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now Director of Marketing and Consulting Services at Advanced UK, he’s as active with clients as he is in endeavouring to write original blog articles.