Why Fluorescent Toners are Essential for 2021?

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Why Fluorescent Toners are Essential for 2021!

Fluorescent toners are making the world a brighter – and more profitable place. If you’re a commercial printer, did you realise there are 530,000 weddings planned for the next twelve months? These consumers are ready to spend like the ‘roaring 20’s’, and so are commercial clients who’re gearing up to get their marketing back on track too. Fun times are ahead!

The 2021 Print Market

It’s 2021, and the print world has changed. It demands print applications that transcend CMYK. With Xerox, you can get on-board with the new possibilities with the PrimeLink, or you might well consider the world’s first inline, six-colour digital platform that delivers breath-taking image quality, jaw-dropping spot embellishments and stunning metallic hues – all in a single pass.

Watch ! Click to watch a video on how flourescents make the world a brighter place

Fluorescent Pink with the Iridesse

With the Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press, you can turn ordinary applications into commodity-crushing opportunities to dazzle, differentiate and drive growth. Specialty printing is one of the fastest growing digital segments, and – just in time for Valentine’s Day – Xerox announced that their range of adaptive CMYK+ dry inks now include fluorescent PINK.
These innovations are creating new possibilities, and hugely increased margins. CMYK+ is proving to be a winner, and specialist printers are realising the returns.

The opportunity for Digital to Compete with Offset

The Xerox ‘Beyond CMYK strategy’ is all about enabling commercial printers to deliver eye-catching colours and embellishments to close the gap between offset printing and digital. 30% of offset pages are printed with some type of enhancement beyond the four process colours, whereas less than 3% of digital colour pages today are enhanced.

Xerox Beyond CMYK Strategy

Creating a ‘Buyers Premium’

By extending the entire spectrum of colours and effects – and let’s not forget the importance of textures – the digital print house can raise profit margins through the roof, with buyers paying an 89% premium!

Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kits

Clearly, it’s about more than pink! Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kits enable up to seven specialty colours on an existing device, enabling instant digital print enhancements, and up to four specialty colours in a single pass!

The Xerox Iridesse Business Case

With the Iridesse, not only do you gain fluorescent pink, but you can produce up to six colours and two embellishments in a single pass. The market is wide-open, and as anyone who’s looked at some of the competitive offerings out there will know, making the business case for an Iridesse is easy compared to considering its £1m rivals.

Digital Printing and Profitability

Profitability through digital versus traditional offset is inbuilt because digital requires no extra labour for setup, you can proof on the same press, and complete the job in the same amount of time as a standard CMYK job.

Personalisation with embellishment

While offset jobs demand 1,000 sheet print runs, with digital, those very short-run jobs, such as wedding invitations, become profitable. That ‘buyers-premium’ we mentioned earlier then hits centre-stage: with digital you can combine personalisation with embellishment for easy, cost-effective, delivery … and it’s all inline!
Isn’t it time you found out more?

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