What is the Best Print Solution for Marketing?

This question has perplexed professionals in the fields of graphic arts, marketing, and print to pay, as well as internal corporate communications teams: which office printer would meet their needs for accurate colour rendering, high quality, correct document registration, and speed? And which combination of printer and software raises their marketing to state-of-the-art levels?

Learn from the commercial print sector

Understanding the commercial printing sector is the key to discovering the solution. There is no one size fits all since a feature that is necessary for one user may not be necessary for another.

The marketing team might be focused on supplying bound and stitched reports, the so-called “print finishing options,” while an architect may need to prioritise over-sized prints up to banner lengths. These seemingly unrelated professions have one absolute similarity: their demand for complex print output of the highest quality.

Corporate communication experts might even go so far as to need to create 100,000 folded prints to be mailed out by direct mail. How do you choose a single printer that can handle these expectations when there are so many possible demands?

Start with the Xerox PrimeLink C9065.

We believe we have the solution! Its name is the PrimeLink C9065, and Xerox, the company that created the office copier, is entirely responsible for its innovation. This is the small workhorse that blends in quietly in any workplace setting.

The strength of the PrimeLink is that it was created from the ground up with a powerful production printer of industrial grade as its core. It can produce top-notch output continuously at an astonishing 70 ppm, making it the centrepiece of any commercial printing business.

But you only need the core equipment for an office user. Simply add the paper handling and finishing options from here that correspond to your in-house requirements.

A fast high-quality printer

Quality is paramount. The PrimeLink has won multiple honours, which is not surprising given that it prints at up to 70 ppm at speeds of up to 2400 x 2400 dpi for exceptional fine-line clarity, bright images, and seamless colour transitions.

More than just print resolution, marketing and graphic arts professionals expect high-quality prints since colour matching is so important for business branding. We think Xerox® has positioned the PrimeLink to be the simple choice by adding their Integrated Colour Server as standard, avoiding the usual mistake of purchasing a good printer without the enabling technology to achieve the best print quality.

CMYK+ is the important component

However, there is one aspect that really sticks out for the more experienced users—at whom the Xerox PrimeLink is targeted—and that is colour selection! The CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key/Black) era is over! Users can now employ clear costs, genuine blacks, stunning whites, gold, silver, and even a variety of colourful toners to finish their work.

Commercial opportunities are provided by specialty dry inks.

The first printers with up to six inline dry ink stations were made by Xerox, allowing CMYK to be augmented with specialty dry inks. Early adopters are reaping the benefits with client happiness and, let’s not forget, that magical element which is customer acquisition! The design possibilities – and commercial potential – opened to the graphic artist are breath-taking.

EFI print servers can help PrimeLink work better

Because the graphic arts sector is so diverse, Xerox has once again demonstrated that it is unfair to lock clients into a single method of operation. As a result, users can connect the PrimeLink with any one of three optional EFI print servers for greater functionality and output volume.

All you have to do is choose the option that best suits your business needs in terms of print automation and colour accuracy.

Use the ConnectKey advantage

There has always been a technology gap between office users and commercial print copy shops. By making their office-ready ConnectKey technology available on the PrimeLink, Xerox has once more filled the gap. Every user of ConnectKey has access to the most comprehensive collection of enterprise-level software tools that can automate routine office chores. There are ConnectKey programmes that can translate papers, handle all of your accounts payable tasks automatically, and even handle technical support automatically.

The UK Advanced Conclusion

The PrimeLink has no rivals, therefore we appreciate the best-in-class finishing options. Chris Hennessy from Advanced UK’s Production Print team said:

There’s no denying that customers are utilising this printer’s capabilities to print on Extra Long Sheet (XLS) media as well as specialty and heavyweight stocks up to 350gsm.

Update Your Messaging!

Variable Data Printing (VDP), omni-channel, and multi-channel marketing are evolving with the use of XMPie to take print to the next level with hyper-personalisation. This is how you turn your Xerox PrimeLink into a show-stopping marketing engine!

What does “hyper-personalization” mean?

Understanding the significance of hyper-personalization is essential to your success, whether you’re a director at a commercial print company or the marketing manager for a company.

To put it simply, hyper-personalisation is the use of data other than just names to make sure each publication, whether it be an email or a full-fledged magazine, is as uniquely relevant to the reader as possible.

The personalisation of text, image, language, and even sound and video when links to digital material are added, makes this technology the progression of variable data printing (VDP).

Intelligent personalization’s advantages

For your clients who are having trouble recovering sales volumes, intelligent personalization has been found to improve website visitors by 400% and page views by 300%.

The most recent advancements in workflow automation, personalization software, and inkjet press print production technologies, which are applicable to practically every part of the industry, make it simpler than ever to increase income through triggered direct mail. Volumes provide no difficulty.

If a reader lives in Paris, we show stories from Paris, not Amsterdam. Or if she’s the CFO, on the cover she’ll read information important for a CFO.

Dataline’s CEO, Dirk Deroo

How to personalise printed materials?

Print personalization technology is applicable to your business whether you print magazines on a high-volume inkjet press like the Xerox Baltoro or short-run direct mail on a Xerox Versant. Personalize your interactions with details like your name, industry, role, language, and location. After that, focus on the intent by modifying the images and content to reflect what is most likely to be appealing.

If you require more “horse power”, you can build and manage cross-media campaigns that span print, web, and email by combining the capability of a production press like the Xerox Trivor 2400 with high fusion ink and XMPie software. The outcome? Engaging customers bring in more money for your clients. Your company can open up new, high margin revenue streams without adding more personnel by spending the effort to upskill your production workforce.

Print personalisation and triggered direct mail

By utilising the trigger points for when to send direct mail, add value to your marketing efforts. The entire client life cycle should be successful, and so you should learn how triggered direct mail automation supports your omnichannel initiatives and ensures success across the full customer life cycle.

The Xerox XMPie software platform allows print providers to leverage their existing core competencies to create real added-value income streams.

As you can see, hyper-personalisation is the domain of the print professional, and improving the way in which communications are delivered is just as important to your value proposition as giving business cards rounded corners or foil accents. You are aware of its profitability, but how many business cards are you now printing?

Summary of Benefits

In summary, marketers must be looking to tomorrow. This is a competitive space, and by combining the best of print with the technology which lets you blur the distinction between print and digital, combined with the personalisation advantages, you are readying your business for the future.

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