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Marketing Automation Software? – what is it?

Do enough of your website visitors actually call you and order? Are your marketing emails not converting into sales leads? Maybe it’s the tools you’re using? Here we explain Marketing Automation, and we show you why it’s like having a 24×7 sales force and why it’s time to weaponise your marketing communications

Marketing Automation

Have you ever put the phone down and thought, ‘now that’s a hot lead!’, only to wonder some days or weeks later why you never got the sale? It’s frustrating, but it’s also avoidable.

At Advanced UK, we’ve learned what works, and we’re ready to help you, whatever the size and scale of your print operation.

Prospect nurturing
Marketing automation nurtures your prospects, while giving you the insight as to which channels are working so you know your true ROI.
By automatically re-marketing to your website visitors, you increase your win-rate because it takes an average of six interactions for a lead to convert. That’s reality.

Remarketing to your website visitors requires delivering valuable, relevant and personalised content, so your business becomes the attractive choice. What a consumer actually wants to read is entirely different from a commercial print buyer.

Be relevant
Software can give you the data: who visited, what they looked at, how did they find you, and how often they’ve visited. It can even reveal names and telephone numbers too. Now, when you call, you have the knowledge you need to be relevant. And that’s when sales happen!

Lead Generation

Now you know who’s been on your website, you want to track their engagement and prioritise them. You probably rank your opportunities already, but what if software was doing that for you, flagging the hot leads and distinguishing them from the ‘casual visitor?

Creating stronger openings

This level of marketing automation means you can be on the phone to a prospect while they’re still on your website so your call becomes, “I can see you were reading about our widget that does [x]” and this is a much stronger opening than “Can I speak to whoever is in charge of marketing?”.

Email Marketing

Now use the software platform to assemble highly curated email lists (only for B2B customers, naturally), and for everyone to create high converting emails from a template library so you’re sending hyper-personalised communications!

The personal touch

This is so powerful, and like the rest of the platform it’s efficient. Your potential customers get the personal touch, 24×7. Now your marketing emails can be effective, because you know they will display accurately on all devices, and the software will actually help get them to the recipient rather than being blocked by spam filters.

A/B testing

For successful email marketing, you need A/B split testing, data segmentation, as well as accurate click-through rate (CTR) report data to see not just who’s opened your email, but who’s actually clicked through to your website. Only this way can you discover what products and services are resonating with your audiences.

Measurable outcomes

It’s all here in one powerful, GDPR compliant and affordable software suite. It’s about giving you easy-to-use functionality that can be applied in an accessible manner with measurable outcomes. In other words, stop marketing into a void and introduce precision!

Ultimately, it’s all about you getting marketing results quickly and leaving more time for producing the quality print which is the foundation of your business.

“Extract the maximum advantage from your data so your customers perceive real value from your communications”

Exploit Powerful marketing dashboards!

Imagine a single interface where you can see all of the data about your leads, ranked according to their likelihood of converting into paying clients? You need to integrate marketing with your CRM, incorporate alerts, so you can plan your revenues in advance.
You’ll gain the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, which ensures your commercial and consumer clients hear the messaging relevant to them. It works!

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How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

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Humperdinck Jackman – Marketing Director

Humperdinck has a 30-year career spanning Document Management Systems (DMS), data protection, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Robotic Process Automation. With many articles published in print internationally, he believes the advances in office technology are such that we’re entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now Director of Marketing and Consulting Services at Advanced UK, he’s as active with clients as he is in endeavouring to write original blog articles.