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Digital Transformation – what is it?

Your strategy to deliver Digital Transformation, (also referred to as DT or DX), has probably centred on the automation of manual processes to deliver enhanced productivity and lower costs. Seen in this light, digital transformation is clearly an essential element of a mature business continuity program too.

Digital transformation, also referred to as DT and DX, is the leveraging of technology to enhance corporate culture, customer experiences, and business processes. Its purpose is to deliver improvements which may be evidenced through more than mere efficiency and cost savings, and it is very much focussed on enabling organisations to be leaner, more flexible, and able to both increase their revenues and lift their margins.

The scope of digital transformation

In this article, we explore how digital transformation (DX) must be approached from a management perspective, and we offer insight as to the real-world benefits which can make a positive impact on every employee and customer. You will discover how DX is within your reach, and you will learn how the scope of digital transformation is as relevant to the smallest SME as it is to global corporations.

In this article we explore these five topics:

  • The Scope of Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation and Corporate Culture
  • Digital Transformation and Customer Experiences
  • Digital Transformation and Business Processes
  • Creating your Digital Transformation Management Framework

Reading Time: 7 minutes


Digital transformation should be regarded as a continuation of what businesses have been undertaking for decades: programs of continuous improvement. Being mindful of the commercial challenges facing all business sectors, together with the increased pressures of regulatory compliance (such as the GDPR and the challenges faced by your Data Protection Officer), and the potential to increase the value of a business through the implementation of more modern processes, the motivation to invest in digital transformation is an absolute.

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Humperdinck has a 30-year career spanning Document Management Systems (DMS), data protection, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Robotic Process Automation. With many articles published in print internationally, he believes the advances in office technology are such that we’re entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now Director of Marketing and Consulting Services at Advanced UK, he’s as active with clients as he is in endeavouring to write original blog articles.