We Review the Xerox C9065 and C9070 PrimeLink

When clients started to take delivery of the Xerox PrimeLink C9065 and C9070 in Spring of 2020, we knew it was something special, not least of all because it brings the adaptive CMYK+ functionality to enable printing in gold, silver, white and clear.

Act fast, Act now!

We’ve put the PrimeLink through its paces for two years, both in-house and on clients’ sites. In this review, we examine its performance and advantages, and we also note any drawbacks.

We Review the Xerox C9065 and C9070 PrimeLink

What is the Xerox PrimeLink?

The PrimeLink isn’t another ‘me too’ device, but huge leap forward from the proven and hugely successful C60 & C70 machines. Here’s a machine which changes the light production landscape, while enabling specialist firms across the graphic arts and other professions, such as architects, to take their capabilities to the next level.

The PrimeLink comes in two flavours: the C9065 & C9070. The former is much more orientated to the professional office, and the C9070 for the commercial printer. Both deliver outstanding image quality at 2400 x 2400 dpi, and there’s an incredible array of integrated applications at your disposal.

When you factor in the PrimeLink’s support for longer paper sizes right up to banner printing, it’s quite a revelation. The icing on the cake, though, is a real game-changer: add the Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ kit and suddenly you can print with metallic gold, silver, white, clear, and even fluorescents!

Which PrimeLink for a production environment?

In a word, yes. Clients in the commercial print space will opt for the C9070 which is all about delivering production-level quality and speed. It can handle large print jobs – even with the specialist toners – and while it may be considered as entry level, the colour options bring new revenue streams to every commercial print firm. It’s the perfect transition for a firm needing the core capabilities of Xerox’s flagship machines at an entirely affordable price.

The PrimeLink is designed for large print jobs: it has the required speeds and duty cycle, being rated for 300,000 prints per month. Bear in mind that to make your print quality really shine, you’ll need to factor in the addition of a suitable efi Fiery Print Server.

The PrimeLink is made even more capable with the addition of professional-grade feeding and finishing capabilities include oversized, high-capacity feeding; stacking; punching; two-sided and square-fold trimming for full bleed documents; and booklet, tri-fold, C/Z folding.

Choose the PrimeLink C9065 for an office

For office users, the PrimeLink is the ideal solution to bring your printing of marketing documents in-house. Rather than outsourcing, your brochures, leaflets, and other marketing collateral can be printed on demand, thereby reducing wastage. It’s also fast, and by integrating with print personalisation your communications can have a much greater impact.

Be aware that the PrimeLink is a fairly large machine, especially when configured with its many optional finishing units, such as for folding, binding, and so forth. However, given the C9065’s productivity, it may well be replacing two or three current devices. Xerox offer a CEIG document which details the specific space requirements for your configuration.

For an office environment, the C9065 is significantly more expensive than the Xerox AltaLink C8155. However, if you can utilise the edge-to-edge printing capability, or if extra-long sheet printing is important then you get all of the copy, print, and fax capabilities in an eminently capable platform.

The PrimeLink in the modern Workplace

The PrimeLink shouts its genuine office credentials by way of its 10-inch touchscreen interface which makes it easy to access the many general functions as well as through the ConnectKey ecosystem of smart business apps which automate tasks for the mobile, always-connected office worker.

The PrimeLink C9065 and C9070 printers support mobile printing and scanning. A feature we’ve loved is the @PrintByXerox app which enables users to print documents from any email-enabled device without having to download software. You will love the options to print from and scan to multiple cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Printer security to protect your data

The multi-layered security features on the PrimeLink C9065 and C9070 are superb. There’s data encryption, access management control, data overwrite, and even an audit log. In addition, there’s secure print and scanning with password protection and delayed-release capabilities for secure printing every time.

What’s our verdict on the Xerox PrimeLink?

From the office print perspective, this is an incredible machine with capabilities unheard of until its introduction. Our marketing team love the edge-to-edge print capability, and they say this sets it apart from the excellent AltaLink series.

The price is not for the faint-hearted, but in the busier office or where there are exacting quality demands, it’s worth every penny. You’ll just as likely to see the PrimeLink upstairs in a law firm as you might in the basement print room of a large corporate.

The PrimeLink is easy to use, it’s versatile, and the print quality is fantastic. These features, along with its speed and print embellishments, make it perfectly suited to commercial print operators too. It bridges the gap between the high street ‘quick print’ and the lithographic print specialist which has seen the writing on the wall and recognises that digital CMYK+ capabilities are needed to attract more customers.


  • Fast, affordable
  • Extended range of media
  • Energy efficiency
  • Xerox EA toners
  • Ease of use


  • Large footprint
  • Needs relatively high usage to justify cost


  • Graphic Arts sector, architects,
  • In-house advertising and marketing teams,
  • Mid-sized corporate environments,
  • Commercial print, high street print,
  • Printers transitioning to digital

Key Specifications of the C9065 / C9070

Before we dig deeper, here are the PrimeLink’s key features:

Up to 70/65 ppm colour, and 75/70 ppm black-and-white
Single-pass scanner capable of 270 images per minute (ipm)

Printing resolution
2400 × 2400 dpi

Fuji Xerox Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Toner with ultra-low melt technology

Media weights
Up to 350 gsm and up to 256 gsm* for auto duplexing

Media sizes
Up to 330 × 660 mm

Flexible, production-ready finishing and feeding with multiple finishing options which include booklet making, cutting, slitting, folding, hole punching and stapling, and many more.

Looking for an alternative?

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