We Review the Xerox Baltoro Inkjet Press

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We Review the Xerox Baltoro Inkjet Press


Offset printing is the dominant technology for the bulk printing of identical documents, while inkjet press technology is used where any degree of personalisation is required. Offset, also referred to as ‘litho’ uses printing plates and is perfect for magazines, but transactional data, such as bank statements, requires a digital interface coupled with an inkjet printer capable of producing the huge volumes cost effectively.

Advantages of inkjet over offset / litho

It’s time to take a second look at inkjet, because when you’re willing to question everything, you can solve anything! And so it is with inkjet, which has unique capabilities: it’s cost-optimised for high volume variable print, and it delivers without the time consuming and costly set-ups of offset press. After all, you want the agility to lift margins out of the commodity zone and drive value. Right?

Transactional print advantage
Inkjet is perfect for transactional work (mono, or with colour embellishments), or for short-turn high-volume jobs, and it really sings when you sell print as ‘beyond a commodity’: direct mail can become seriously profitable, and the possibilities are infinite!

Inkjet is affordable
Adding inkjet capability to your in-house print room or commercial print operation is now also affordable because the Xerox Baltoro replaces up to twenty Xerographic machines, and the competition just isn’t even close.

Baltoro: because you know £3.00 per 1,000 makes sense!

We’re convinced that reducing your costs from £30 /1,000 to £3 makes financial sense. This is the Baltoro equation, where value, velocity and volume all meet in one production press.
For high volume transactional work where personalisation is an essential part of the equation, you’re faced with a stark choice: print colour with litho and overprint with mono, or complete the job in a single pass, in-house. With 90% of your profit on the line, it’s time to think hard!

Multiple options to help you compete
Our production print specialists are on-hand to guide you through the opportunities, and they’ll help you with the alternatives too. Perhaps it’s a roll feeder you require, or you’ll need to add a second high-capacity ‘unload while run’ stacker? The possibilities even include the new inline Tecnau Dynamic Perforator, or Bourg BB3202 Inline Perfect Binder for new, higher-value applications and enhanced flexibility. We’ve got the answers.

The Inkjet Revolution
It’s another print revolution, as the global use of inkjet doubles from 350 to 700 billion pages in just five years. Inkjet is cost and quality optimised, and while it’s still limited by media compared to offset, the gap is narrowing.

Volume is key
Where the monthly volume of transactional work falls within .5 to 3 million impressions, and you recognise the advantages of being able to use coated or uncoated media, with a vastly simplified supply chain, then the positives stack up very well for inkjet.

Blend personalisation with static content
Of course, the economics of investing in a Baltoro can be made even more appealing for litho shops, because you can also blend personalisation with static content.

Baltoro economy
Speed remains a factor, as does energy usage, and that’s why the low-water inks bring 35-50% reductions in drying time on a press which is already using up to 65% less energy in its run mode. The case just got stronger!

Baltoro – the result of Xerox Innovation

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Xerox Baltoro Press
Baltoro uses low water inks
The Inkjet Advantage
Offset Printer

Our Xerox Baltoro Verdict

Offset-like quality
The quality of offset printing is now within your grasp. The powerhouse performance of High Fusion Print Engines and Ink allows you to run an extensive and expanding array of the coated media customers are asking for. Primer-free printing also means more sustainable printing and your substrate texture and sheen get to shine.

Combined with the Xerox High Fusion Ink and their W-series Print Heads, you gain a range of benefits including incredibly fine line detail and edges, and amazingly smooth sweeps and gradients, perfect registration, sharp white knock-out, intense blacks and a wide gamut of vibrant colours.

Inkjet is going to be huge!
For inkjet to be a winner in your print operation, it’s a fact that you need some volume, but now it’s achievable and in our experience it’s best to back your investment by choosing the most serious long term investor in the digital print industry. Xerox.

The Xerox Baltoro HF inkjet press is a remarkable print platform, and with its optional roll-feed features it’s head and shoulders above the competitive offering from Canon. We’ve awarded the Baltoro five stars.

How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

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