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The Vivid Magnum MCC35A Creaser Perforator Review

In just two years since its launch, the Vivid Magnum has become the ‘must have’ offline print finishing machine across the UK’s copy shops and commercial print operations.

With the tumult of 2020, commercial pricing shops are seeking the fastest possible turnaround of production jobs, and the need for finishing of menus, leaflets, or business cards is as strong as ever.

Vivid Magnum for profitability and productivity

We like the fact that the Vivid Magnum MCC35A can deliver progressive square-back and lay-back functions, combined with an intuitive user interface and easy set-up routines.
There’s no doubt that its popularity stems from such ease-of-use: you’ll quickly learn to create the best professional results in-house, and that maximises your productivity, profitability, and speed of delivery.

Increasing margins by reducing wastage

A true 2-in-1 workhorse, the MCC35A enables you to create bespoke results with 32 cut, slit, crease, or perforates in one pass using the pre-set programs. Achieving fast and accurate cuts from SRA3 and options up to 900mm, you can even make partial perforations too, so you gain both ‘box’ and ‘T’ perforations.

For the digital printer, it’s the image shift option which proves so popular: by integrating a registration mark into the artwork, drift can be compensated for automatically. This saves wastage – again maintaining your job margins – and ultimately makes for happy customers.

The MCC35 deliver production print automation

Production print automation is our mantra, and so we appropriate how Vivid have incorporated a barcode reader which lets your operators stack their jobs for hands-off completion. This is well thought through technology, with the feeder sufficiently deep and also enabled with ultrasonic double feed detection to drive reliability.

The MCC-35A is compatible with a wide range of paper stock up to 350gsm, it can handle UV Coated, Laminated and Chrome. Laminated stocks aren’t a problem either: just add the optional ASP unit and process up to twenty sheets per minute.

Do more finishing in-house!

The results speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a low cost, no set-up system for metallic and spot-UV effects, the Vivid Laminating Technologies systems will save you time and money. With the Magnum MCC35A cutter/creaser you’ll no longer have to do the job manually or outsource.

Vivid has healthy competition from Duplo and Morgana

All in all, the Vivid Magnum delivers on its promises: heavy duty, fool-proof functionality, at a price point which can’t be beaten for a vendor of such a proven global reputation. Of course, Duplo International and Morgana compete for your attention in this space, but this is a strong contender and well worth a look!

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Vivid Magnum MCC35A Cutter Creaser

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