We Review the Top 8 Digital Transformation Applications for UK Businesses

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Digital Transformation Applications – the Top 8 for UK Businesses

Digital Transformation, often referred to simply as DT or DX, is the leveraging of technology to solve business problems and processes.  Digital transformation can be as obvious as automating the mundane: where you have a manual data entry process, review the source and process logic and eliminate the task. If it can’t be eliminated, then automate it so there’s no human component.

More complex digital transformation initiatives will be focussed on error rates. How often are the wrong goods shipped to customers? Was it a warehouse problem, or a communication error? Following this logic, you’ll appreciate that digital transformation can impact every aspect of your business, all the way from aiding your sales team to automating your finance team in their communications with suppliers and debtors alike.

What is your digital maturity?

The extent to which yours is a digital organisation is referred to as your ‘Digital Maturity’, and the leaders in any given segment are invariably those which have the highest digital maturity ratings. The essence of success in transforming your organisation is unremarkable: examine your customer experience, operational processes and business models. Within each element, you will discover opportunity to improve, and therein lies success and enhanced profitability.

At Advanced UK, we’ve distilled our thirty years of experience to identify the top eight solutions which we’ve seen as most successful in bringing about a positive digital transformation experience. Our selection spans the gamut of enterprise applications through to what might best be classed as ‘utilities’, available to help you make simple changes which can deliver profound impacts.

Digital Transformation: a universal relevance to businesses

Some of these tools can be implemented in just hours, while others require days or even weeks of planning. What they all have in common is their almost universal relevance to businesses of every size and across every sector.

What all of these solutions have in common, is that we have proven they can make a positive impact on your organisations’ bottom line.

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Digital transformation


With so many solutions, and others too not listed here, where do you begin? Our winning picks from this collection of digital transformation applications are Hybrid Mail and Yooz, with our judgement based on the sheer speed of deployment and positive ROI from the outset.

For a business which hasn’t yet invested in any meaningful digital transformation program, the logical starting point is Xerox ConnectKey, as this puts dynamic and versatile business-grade software apps directly where an organisation’s staff can start their journey towards process efficiency.

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How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

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Humperdinck Jackman

Humperdinck Jackman – Marketing Director

Humperdinck has a 30-year career spanning Document Management Systems (DMS), data protection, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Robotic Process Automation. With many articles published in print internationally, he believes the advances in office technology are such that we’re entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now Director of Marketing and Consulting Services at Advanced UK, he’s as active with clients as he is in endeavouring to write original blog articles.