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The Duplo International PFI Blade and Why you need it

Utilising a flatbed table and digital cutting technology, the Duplo International PFi Blade digital cutting table produces short-run packaging, custom-shaped cards and labels without physical dies required. It’s an affordable and versatile solution for prototyping designs and small run production.

The perfect short-run packaging solution

With the launch of the PFi Blade B3 Digital Shape Cutter, together with the well-established DuSense Sensory Coater, you’ll also want to learn about the new Digi Foiler which delivers an optimum – and thoroughly premium – finish.

The PFi BLADE B3 is described as the perfect solution for those looking for a short run packaging solution, with a small footprint and green button technology, it dramatically lowers the cost of creating short-run packaging, custom-shaped cards, labels and samples.

You need superb automation and workflow

Whether you’re adding inline third-party finishing capabilities or near offline finishing, Advanced UK have the solutions: Xerox, Duplo, Vivid, Ashgrove and others too. Choosing Duplo, brings you superb automation and workflow. For example, through their workflow software platform, the QR Code Module automates and accelerates your production.

With no cutting dies required, and easy job preparation and setup, this affordable solution is compact and easy to use. You can now tackle those short-run jobs effectively, aided in part by the automated feed and CCD registration systems working together.

Clients demand enhanced print finishing embellishments

As the commercial print industry recovers from the chaos of 2020, it’s clear that automation is key and, with that, the combination of software and systems which deliver improved results with fewer operator touch points will be the difference which counts.

Reduce print waste with your inline or offline systems

Duplo International have proven, again, that their systems recognise the increased demands on the production print facility to ‘do more with less’: the ease of use of the PFI Blade B3 is testament to that. Ultimately, it’s the print buyer who will decide, and the shop with the capabilities to undertake short-run jobs with the most sophisticated print finishing embellishments is surely going to be the winner.

Being able to streamline the production workflow, from job creation through to the final delivery, means you need the correct digital or inkjet press, with pre- and post-print workflow automation coupled with the inline tools to minimise wastage, reduce operator-driven intervention to maintain quality, and to deliver the job inline or offline to the most appropriate finishing system.

At Advanced UK, we have seen time and time again that the combination of a digital press with either Duplo or Morgana finishing systems gives the ultimate commercial punch to set the UK-based printer above their competition.

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Duplo PFi Blade Enhances Productivity

How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

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