Ten Xerox Printer Inline Finishing Solutions

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It’s one thing to print a document, and another altogether to finish it. By print finishing, we’re referring to the accessories added to your office printer or copier through to the options for your commercial-grade heavy-duty printing press (so-called ‘production presses’). Finishing components are all about automation to save labour, reduce wastage, and to improve the profitability of your print operation.

In this article we’re taking the ever-popular Xerox Versant series of printers as our core platform. With more than 30,000 Versant’s sold, this printer is the true industry workhorse. You’ll find them in quick turnaround high street copy shops, commercial print facilities, in-house corporate print rooms, and anywhere the volumes and complexities of what users require is beyond the ordinary.

Regardless of whether you’re considering the powerful Versant 4100, or the more compact Versant 180 and Versant 280 presses, the entire Versant series, though, supports all of the finishing options described below.

Xerox Versant 4100 press with finishing accessories
Xerox versant print finishing accessories

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GBC eWire

The GBC eWire is the first ever fully automated twin-loop wire binder, available on a select number of Xerox presses, including the Versant® family. It allows the binding of a variety of twin-loop, lay-flat documents, including booklets, calendars, cookbooks, and educational workbooks, quickly and efficiently.

Plockmatic Pro 50/35 Booklet Maker

Not shown, but this unit is for the highest quality production booklets of up to 200 pages (50 sheets), the Plockmatic Pro booklet maker is unmatched. This enables you to deliver face trimming, square fold, rotate crease and bleed trim, and hand feeding, on sizes up to 12.6 x 9″ (320 x 228.6 mm) and 300 gsm stock weights. Connects via Production Ready Finisher Plus.


With such a wealth of optional modules, it will come as no surprise to learn that the full array of inline finishing solutions is supported by the Xerox range of production print software, ranging from Xerox FreeFlow Core through to Xerox PredictPrint which automates stock management simply by scanning your print stock barcode.

From selecting your digital production press through to finishing solutions, software, installation, training and support, the entire Xerox Production press portfolio is delivered throughout the United Kingdom by Advanced UK.

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