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Purchase to Pay solutions are the new breed of document management and workflow software which focus on workflow-driven purchase order requisition, purchasing automation, and conclude with invoice reconciliation and approval.

It’s a business continuity decision too

Very much part of the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Purchase to Pay should be part of your business continuity planning too, since removing your reliance on paper-based systems and being able to perform such critical tasks from any location are essential features of a robust business.

Combined with the universal emphasis on cost reduction and cashflow protection, your minimal investment to implement such a modernisation is also central to a program of digital transformation.

P2P vs. document management systems

Unlike traditional document management systems, the deployment is hugely simplified, and the costs are drastically lower. Indeed, the very best systems – such as iCompleat from Compleat Software, and the global leader, Yooz – can see your department transformed and benefitting from automation in as little as one day.

P2P solutions are more affordable

Exploring the difference between P2P solutions and established document management systems, such as DocuWare and Xerox DocuShare, you’ll discover that user licensing costs are just a fraction or even zero. Being focussed on one set of critical tasks, the modern Purchase to Pay solutions feature out of the box functionality, most typically requiring just one day to fully configure – although for the most complex workflows, this can vary.

To summarise this point, if embracing a low cost, powerful, solution with a head-turning ROI is what you’re after, then P2P wins.

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Purchase to Pay Automation Solutions

Let’s explore the five key benefits of Purchase to Pay, which make Finance Directors lead the change:

How Do I Find Out More?

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