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Advanced UK launches a monthly digital magazine for the print professional.

Our industry is changing fast, and even with ‘Lockdown 2.0’, we’re as busy as ever helping print professionals enhance their value proposition in readiness for 2021. Using this period of disruption to up-skill and refresh is the only recipe for success.

Far from letting the pandemic close us down, we’re running flat-out supporting the commercial print industry. Welcome then to our new monthly newsletter, PRINT!,  in which we bring you the latest developments across our fast-changing industry.

For thirty years, Advanced UK has been at the forefront. As the original Xerox Platinum Partner, and the only EFI Platinum Partner in Europe, we succeed because we’re independent and we’ve grown organically, and our production print specialists are the best in the industry.

PRINT! Magazine is launched

The first issue, November 2020, led with an emphasis on direct mail marketing. This is very much alive, and with print personalisation – and even hyper personalisation – there are fresh routes to increase margins. Print works, while email campaigns flounder … and we’ve seen this for ourselves.

December’s issue opens with the thought that Christmas is coming and then Valentines Day, so with CMYK+ now extending to the fluorescent pink toners announced by Xerox, there’s going to be fresh opportunity! On that note, Web-to-Print is taking off too, so our industry continues to evolve and grow even when challenged.

We’ve then got a good article on Enhanced Direct Mail, well worth a read (and do watch the linked video). Yes, always focus on what you do best, but we believe it’s critical to adapt to the new print buyer: they’re millennials or Generation Z. We’re going to work together with you and show how to grab and retain their attention. It’s all about offering print-based software which connects to the way they think. While 2020 has exceeded our expectations, it’s been a hard battle on a very personal level for our staff, their families, and our customers alike.

The theme is clear: the modern print buyer responds to suppliers who position print as more than a commodity. Gold, silver, white and clear, as well as the latest fluorescents, are all available on the latest generation of affordable digital presses. With new cutters and foil systems too, the opportunity is now!

Supporting the print industry

We invest in the success of our clients: we’re here for the long haul, guiding and mentoring, always seeking fresh solutions to help you achieve your goals. With this, our new digital magazine, our goal is to share with you the latest news, together with quality editorial. For example, in this November, we explored pre-press automation, and, in our next issue, you’ll see press production solutions.

Our goal is to keep you up to date with the advances across every aspect of the industry, ranging from production presses and finishing systems through to the pre- and post-press software for automation.

Now, as we head to the New Year – and our thirtieth year of trading – we send our best wishes to you and yours, for a joyous, and optimistic celebration of the year ahead.

Phil Tucker
Managing Director

PRINT Magazine November
Advanced Anniversary 30 Years

How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

Advanced Anniversary 30 Years