Print quality? Request samples!

You’ve been tasked with finding suitable office printers, and it’s clear that the internet is awash with choice, but have you forgotten the first principle? That’s right: get your hands on some actual print samples!

The internet has broken the traditional decision-making process. Buying a printer is like leasing a company car, what with the total cost of ownership, maintenance costs, required extras, energy efficiency, and so forth. So how can you be expected to decide if you haven’t been offered a test drive? It’s the same with printers … get print samples from the machines you’re considering!

Print quality? Request samples!

We wax lyrical about how the Xerox range of printers have the industry’s finest and most environmentally sustainable print, such as being EPEAT certified and using toners which aren’t made from oil. We love the Ultra-fine EA toners too because these enable the razor-sharp images and text which jumps off the page.

The solution?

Request samples from your shortlist of machines, and we’ll send them to you! Just complete the form below with your business details, and we can invite you also to our magnificent showroom for the test drive!

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