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Video Case Study: See the Xerox Iridesse production press used in a commercial print shop, and discover why metallic golds, silvers, and other toner options make Xerox technology so ground-breaking and relevant to every business user.

See the Xerox Iridesse production digital press in use at Michael Egan Associates, and discover why this firm of printers selected Advanced UK for the supply of their Xerox technology.

In this Video Case Study, you’ll understand the particular advantages of fluorescent and metallic tones (CMYK+), and why this innovative technology is so important to modern commercial printers. For the specialist printer, competing for the most sophisticated print buyer demands litho-grade colour rendition with embellishments which deliver what the customer wants. This is why the Iridesse won: it offer metallic golds, silvers, fluorescents (even pinks!) and more.

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ADVANCED UK, Tavistock House, 5 Rockingham Road, Uxbridge, UB8 2UB

MICHAEL EGAN ASSOCIATES LTD., Unit 5, Optima Park, Thames Road Crayford, Kent, DA1 4QX

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