Four Developments in the Commercial Print Industry for 2020

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The Commercial Print Industry – Four developments in 2020.

From new business-grade Apps and super-affordable ‘White plus CMY’ printers at one end, to the rising dominance of high-fusion inkjet at the other, 2020 has been a remarkable year for Xerox!

CMYK+ extends further with fluorescent pinks

Specialty printing is one of the fastest growing digital segments, and – just in time for Valentine’s Day – Xerox have announced they’ve extended their range of adaptive CMYK+ to include fluorescent PINK.

Available for the new PrimeLink C9065 and throughout the range, including the Iridesse and Versant 180 and 280 digital presses, this is sure to be a winner for the specialist printer.

Extend your Xerox Versant into an eleven colour press

Using Xerox’s Adaptive CMYK+ kit for the Xerox Versant® or Primelink® printers and graphic designers alike can experience the benefits of a hugely extended colour palette, enabling them to use fluorescent cyan, magenta and yellow, and pink.

With seven specialty colours, the kit transforms a four-colour Xerox Versant 180 Press into an 11-colour Beyond CMYK press capable of creating more than one million colour hues.

We’ve created a bright green that is eye-popping, but you can also mix fluorescent yellow with cyan to get a new shade of green,”

Xerox scientist Yat-Ming Wong.

ePRINTit™ is the winning cloud printing app

The quick print and copy shop market has been winning new clients with the ePRINTit™ app. Contactless printing solutions (also known as ‘cloud printing’ or ‘serverless printing’)were originally designed for education, hospitality and enterprise printing, this is the solution to take your customer’s public printing experience to another level!

With added security and integrated pay for print solutions around enabled print locations, printing documents on the go has never been easier! ePRINTit is available on any Xerox ConnectKey enabled Xerox office printer.

White plus CMY with the Xerox C8000W

Are you looking for new profit opportunities? Do you offer printing on dark media? What about window clings? Then ‘White plus CMY’ will be of particular interest and it’s found on the new Xerox C8000W.

Featuring an integrated controller, low entry price and compact footprint, this is the industry’s smallest and least expensive device to print effectively on dark media.

From small businesses through to commercial printers of every scale, being able to print on coloured media and produce excellent print quality window signage, including window clings and clear labels is a clear commercial advantage for winning new clients.

Exciting possibilities for direct mail printing

The C8000W enables you to make direct mail pieces stand out from the crowd with printed coloured envelopes, and it opens up a low-cost entry point to a world of new print applications.

Above all, with a monthly duty cycle in excess of 200,000 pages, this is a top-notch printer with huge capabilities, capable even of 12×18” SRA3 prints in duplex colour!

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Printing window clings with white toner on the Xerox C8000W
Printing window clings with white toner on the Xerox C8000W

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