ESG and Sustainability Brochure for Advanced UK

Joining the fight against climate change, demonstrating social responsibility, and proving good corporate governance are the hallmarks of a modern quality business. At Advanced UK, we’re ‘setting the pace’ for the print and office technology industry, by embracing these themes in everything that we do.

You probably know Advanced UK for our 30 years as the premier UK Platinum Partner for Xerox: we help organisations to deploy the world’s leading office technology and digital transformation solutions. Now discover how our values contribute to working with you to protect the environment.

Leading the Way on Sustainability

By stating our corporate values and incorporating them into our ESG reporting, we are holding ourselves to account. We object to the practise of ‘Greenwashing’, where vendors make statements of their corporate credentials which aren’t backed up with evidence.

The Xerox Sustainability Message

Coinciding with our three-decade history, our key strategic partner, Xerox, has been at the forefront of protecting the environment and is a word-leader in Corporate Social Responsibility.

In our ESG and Sustainability brochure, we introduce some of the key Xerox attributes which bring positive benefits to all of our customers. From EPEAT and Energy Star energy ratings to precision toners which break new ground by not being derived from petroleum products but are vegetable-based, there’s plenty here to interest every reader.

Reforestation Grants: a UK First!

We are incredibly proud to announce our ground-breaking reforestation grants. With 500 grants, either part or fully funded available to organisations of all sizes  and types across all sectors, what makes our initiative so special is that there is no cost or obligation upon the recipients of these awards.

Our grants are fully funded by own private enterprise, and they don’t rely on the recipient organisation being a customer.

With this unique offering, we are demonstrating our unequivocal commitment to the environment and our belief that every organisation. From SME to corporate giants, has a role to play in protecting the environment.

Businesses and the Community

Our social efforts to benefit our community and society are absolutes, and we’re very proud of our achievements. By the same token, we strive to deliver more.

Read about our close relationship with the Weir Archer Foundation for disabled athletes, and other fund-raising undertaken by our employees.

Why is ESG so Important?

Finally, we explore ESG – Environment, Social, Governance – because this concept has grown from a mere theory for ‘impact investing’ in 2005 to what will certainly become the most pressing corporate theme of the decade.

The concepts of good governance have far-reaching impacts. It can be as simple as ensuring that employees, customers, and investors have all of the facts they require to know that the business is one with which they wish to be associated.

Good governance is also about understanding risk. Just as we’ve not seen the last pandemic, other crisis will follow, whether due to health, conflict, climate or energy. And so good governance is about ensuring supply chains are robust, that business continuity is managed, that the organisation is working within the law and so much more besides.

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ESG and Sustainability Brochure for Advanced UK

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