Digital Transformation for UK Law Firms

Taking the stage at LegalEx 2021 was Advanced UK’s Joe Gallagher. Joe delivered an insightful lecture on how UK law firms can benefit from digital transformation, and the opportunity to maximise a firm’s profitability based on a 1% increase in productivity by fee earners.

Joe’s presentation was supported by Peter Gill Kearn of Sinerix who have created the remarkable ‘VirtualSignature’ application.

Also participating in the lecture was Darren Maundrell of Ordiginal, the European distributors for Kofax and Nuance, with Nuance featuring ‘Dragon Legal Anywhere’.

The presentation concludes with an introduction to Xerox Workplace Central which brings the power of office workflow solutions to every worker, wherever they’re based, using almost any computing platform.

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Digital Transformation for UK Law Firms

If you would prefer to read the lecture, here is the transcribed text.

Humperdinck Jackman

Humperdinck Jackman – Marketing Director

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