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With the 2020 announcements from Xerox that they’ve won the inaugural BLI award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Innovation’ with their Adaptive CMYK+ kits, we take a brief look at the advantages which these new toners bring to the commercial printer.

Add gold, silver, white and fluorescents!

Not to be left behind, the Xerox Iridesse team want you to know that not only can you print your choice of six colours in a single pass, but you can add gold, silver or white as either underlays or overlays together with clear or low gloss options.

High volume? The iGen5 is hard to beat these days since you can add a fifth colour, including white, clear or even fluorescent yellow. With the optional blue/green and orange, the result is clear to see: a staggering 93% of the entire pantone colour range is now available on this spectacular production press.

New tints, gradients and superior fine line resolution

Xerox didn’t just re-use old technology, but they formulated High-Definition Emulsion Aggregate (HD EA) toners in order to have even finer print precision, opening up new tints, gradients and superior fine line resolution.

The Iridesse has these new formulations at its heart: Silver, Gold Metallic, and Clear. Configured with two toner stations, the possibilities are extended through being able to lay down one ink before the CMYK, and the other after CMYK.

These new formulations improve the sparkle of metallic prints too, by incorporating 5-micron flat metallic flakes which are embedded into the toner particles. The end result is startling: the metallic reflectance (Flop Index) is second to none.

Digital printing enhancements, such as coatings, metallics, white inks, spot colours and gamut extenders, are some of print’s best opportunities today, facilitating margins ranging as from 50 to 400 percent.

Use HD EA toners for attracting attention, amplifying content

The appeal of specialty enhancements is the intriguing design options they present for delivering a stunning “wow” factor to most any application — attracting attention, amplifying content and captivating recipients — to boost a brand’s image.
Print buyers cite brochures, business cards, direct mail, greeting cards, point-of-purchase signage and book covers as their top applications for in-line digital enhancements.

Imagine the possibilities: a car brochure featuring a silver car can be printed with the accurate shade of reflective silver, standing out from a precision graded background, or a prestigious watch maker might feature gold elements.
The client benefits from your productivity, and your costs don’t have to incorporate high-end foil stamping, with the incumbent machinery and labour costs.

Creativity from the PrimeLink C9065 to the Iridesse

Imagine unleashing the power of digital print on black stocks, transparent clings, metallic, craft, and richly hued stocks, along with synthetics and polys. With the Xerox Iridesse, these brilliant design expressions are today’s reality.

Now with a spectrum of fluorescents too, including PINK, the possibilities are endless, and the capabilities are extending across the range, from the proven Xerox iGEN5 and Iridesse, all the way through to the entry level light production PrimeLink C9065 series.

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Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kits won BLI Award
A Xerox Production Printer equipped with CMYK+ High Definition Toners
Xerox Fluorescent Candy

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