Advances in Digital Signature Technology

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Advances in Digital Signature Technology

In the post-pandemic world, your business needs advanced e-Signature and ID verification solutions for the automation and simplification of paper-based document processes, and it must be an essential component of your digital transformation strategy.

Replace legacy solutions such as Adobe and DocuSign with one platform!  Watch our recorded 30 minute webinar to learn how!

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How Do I Find Out More?

Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution.

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Humperdinck Jackman

Humperdinck Jackman – Marketing Director

Humperdinck has a 30-year career spanning Document Management Systems (DMS), data protection, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Robotic Process Automation. With many articles published in print internationally, he believes the advances in office technology are such that we’re entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now Director of Marketing and Consulting Services at Advanced UK, he’s as active with clients as he is in endeavouring to write original blog articles.

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