Advanced UK and Zero Trust

Organizations require new, stronger security strategies to stay ahead of escalating cybersecurity threats. At Advanced UK, we follow the Xerox model which recognises that that an organisation’s overall security posture is enhanced by the Zero Trust security model, which offers access to the appropriate users and devices.

We support your Zero Trust initiatives using the following best practises and suggestions to make implementation easier and more thorough. We do this by combining hardware, software, and processes.

The distributed workforce of today requires anytime, anywhere access to their IT infrastructure. Business data is becoming more accessible thanks to numerous digital transformation projects.

Critical business systems, which serve as the foundation of any business, are now interconnected with a wide variety of IoT devices.

Due to these trends, security professionals are under more and more pressure to support the modern workplace while minimising the security attack surface of the enterprise.

The use of zero trust has become a potent technique for granting authorised users and devices secure access while enhancing enterprise security posture.

We at Xerox have provided our customers with products and services that support Zero Trust initiatives because comprehensive security is one of our top priorities. There is nothing new about principles like “never trust, always verify,” “least privilege access,” “proactive threat detection and remediation,” “encryption,” and “security certifications.” They do, however, represent essential components of a successful Zero Trust security programme when used as part of a comprehensive security strategy.

The Xerox 5 principles of Zero Trust

1. Authenticate and control access

  • Make sure all user access is verified and start with the “no implicit trust” policy. Password protection is included with new Xerox® printers.
  • Implement role-based access controls for least privilege access and revalidation with enforced inactivity timeouts.
  • With the help of Xerox Managed Print Services, Xerox Workplace Suite, and Cloud, you can expand the capabilities of your device fleet.

2. Monitor and detect

  • Constantly keep an eye out for and identify security threats, both potential and actual.
  • Our printers feature McAfee whitelisting and firmware verification as anti-tampering measures.
  • Tools like reCAPTCHA are used by Xerox Workplace Suite and Cloud to identify and prevent brute-force entry attempts.
  • With the help of the Xerox® Printer Security Audit Service, we implement fleet-wide device management and configuration settings.

3. Contain and remediate

  • Contain the threat in the event of a potential compromise and offer quick remediation to get rid of it.
  • Potential security breaches are limited by layers of security features, which also stop them from spreading to the fleet or the network.
  • In the event that printer security settings are altered, the Configuration Watchdog feature automatically fixes the problem.
  • The fleet of printers is kept in compliance with policy by the Xerox Printer Security Audit Service.

4. Protect both data and documents

  • Protect data and documents from intentional and unintentional disclosure by using software solutions and data encryption techniques.
  • 256-bit encryption, digital signatures, and password-protected file formats are used to protect the data you store.
  • Using algorithms that have been approved by the U.S. DoD and NIST, data that is no longer needed can be deleted.
  • Content security is offered by Xerox Workplace Suite and Cloud, which also produce alerts and reports on data usage.

5. Automate security

  • For best results, simplify security procedures.
  • Automation brings simplicity and frees up security teams to concentrate their efforts on more crucial problems.
  • A small network of printers’ configuration and firmware updates are automated by the Fleet Orchestrator feature.
  • By automating compliance enforcement, the Xerox Printer Security Audit Service
    streamlines fleet management and presents data in an intuitive dashboard format.


A straightforward and enforceable security policy, supported by features and services that guarantee compliance, is essential for a successful security programme. Businesses of all sizes are quickly choosing the Zero Trust security model as their preferred one.

Businesses can safely grant authorised user access, reduce exposure in the event of data breaches, and automate responses to potential security threats by putting the Xerox security recommendations outlined in this brief into practise.

A fast start guide to zero trust

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