5 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Regardless of your sector, reducing your carbon footprint and sustainability are now a social duty. With current regulations and new ones coming fast, it’s time for everyone to make a start.

In this webinar, Joe Gallagher of Advanced UK is joined by Sophie Pryer of The Printed Word. Together they focus on how schools especially can make a huge difference, and how to introduce your staff to a wide range of easy, affordable, and innovative solutions that’ll help you to drastically reduce your carbon emissions and demonstrate your commitment to the DfE’s sustainability initiatives. Learn about:

  • Carbon footprint reporting
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Carbon neutrality
  • ESG reporting
  • Sustainable purchasing in schools Strategies for reducing waste Responsible printing Educating the next generation

Advanced UK, intrinsically aligned with Xerox and other key partners, have a dedicated and highly skilled team helping many companies in meet these challenges.

Are you in education or in a corporate? Request your free poster! Contact joe.gallagher@advanced-uk.com 

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Reading Time: < 1 minutes

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