CARE (Corporate Action for Reforestation of the Environment)

Grants to certifiably reforest your print consumption

You print, we plant. It’s that easy

As part of the Advanced UK ESG program, we believe the environment needs support.

We are offering your organisation grants which range from 30% to 100% for Advanced UK to offset your print usage. We’ll plant trees to replace every page of paper you consume.

This contributes to your carbon offset, and you know it’s good for your staff, your clients, and it enhances your reputation in the community.

Is your organisation a climate champion?

ESG is real, make a start!

ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance – and the reporting which goes with it, is vital if you’re any part of a supply chain bidding for public contracts or funding.

It’s also critical for organisations seeking investment, and the means to attract new clients. Even the smallest firms are feeling the pinch in competitive situations because they lack the proactive and comprehensive approach required.

The key to success is to be found in the small but quantifiable steps you make to improve your organisation.

It’s the ‘Quantifiable’ part which causes problems. So-called ‘Greenwashing’ is fast becoming an offence. No more pithy statements are permitted: verifiable facts will rule!

It’s time to get certifiable facts!

  • Our reforestation is certified by SGS International, the world leading inspection, verification, and certification body.
  • Our target is to issue 500 reforestation grants in 2022, ranging from 30-100% funding!
  • Grants available for almost any organisation, including Ltd, LLP, Plc., charitable, education and voluntary organisations.
  • Our simple application process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and awards are made weekly.
Is your organisation a climate champion?

Why we do this, it’s good!

Over our three decades, we extended our skills from ‘everything print’ to become experts in digital transformation.

Our Information Management skills then led to us developing expertise in corporate governance solutions too, supplying some of the highest profile brand names in industry.

As a key technology supplier to the COP26 climate conference, it’s our technology selected to reduce print waste at that event.