Make sustainability reporting fast and effective with our fully Managed Service. Take this on its own or add Carbon Footprint reporting / Carbon Neutrality according to your overall sustainability strategy.

Our approach lets you focus on your business while our consultants do the hard work to help you secure and maintain your sustainability certification.

  • All packages include an internationally accredited ESG Rating,
  • Includes training on ESG reporting,
  • UK and European-based user support,
  • Independent ESG auditing,
  • Professionally designed bespoke ESG reports,
  • No software to purchase, manage, or maintain.
Understanding ESG - ESG Tree
Organisation Size
Suitability for number of employees Up to 20 (1) 5 - 100 20 - 1,000
ESG Data
Company ESG assessments 100,000+ 100,000+ 100,000+
Comparison to industry & competitors
Reporting Framework
SME framework (GRI aligned)
Full GRI & SASB reporting
Option for IIRC, NFRD, SFDR, CDP
SFDR & EU Supply Chain Diligence
TCFD reporting optional
Incorporate multiple frameworks
ESG Assessments
Internal ESG performance evaluation
ESG performance monitoring
Supply chain risk assessment
Supply chain auditing support
ESG Report
Formulation of Action Plan
Bespoke company policies included 5 10 20
ESG rating (internationally accredited)
‘Certified Sustainable’ designation
Annual ESG report
Quarterly ESG report
Corporate grade ESG annual report
Carbon Footprint report (Scope 1 & 2)
ESG Consultancy
ESG PRO '90 Day Fast Start' program
Training and onboarding online
Bespoke training courses
Live annual review + audit
Live quarterly review
Helpdesk email and live chat
Helpdesk telephone
Total consultancy days (Year 1) 4 8 18
Total consultancy days (Year 2) (note 2) 2 4 8
Total consultancy days (Year 3) (note 2) 2 4 8
Minimum contract term (years) 3 1 1
Option to deploy software in-house?
Monthly Rate £99.00 CALL CALL