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Printers, paper and the environment.

Advanced helps customers to reach their environmental and sustainable goals.

Our focus is to help you to minimise your print carbon footprint by reducing power consumption and waste.

Through our relationships with organisations like Xerox, we can push the boundaries of innovation to achieve high standards in environmental and sustainable business practices.

Cut energy consumption:
We pride ourselves on using low power consumption printers and output devices. For example, the latest multifunction machines enable customers to consume up to 50% less power than single function devices.

Sustainable paper supplies:
It is essential that we are smart about how we use the many natural resources involved in creating paper. Advanced offers a full range of accredited papers from sustainable sources. By using these stocks, you can demonstrate to your employees and customers your commitment to this process.

Reduce paper waste:
Our customers want to reduce their use of paper as well as use environmentally preferable papers. We help customers to adopt systems and processes that reduce paper consumption such as print-on-demand, electronic data management, scan to e-mail, and distribute-then-print workflows.

Minimise waste products:
In our efforts to minimise waste products, we often recommend the innovative solid ink imaging process from Xerox. It uses compact, “cartridge-free” solid ink sticks with no plastic housings or casings, thereby reducing office waste by 90% compared with comparable laser products.

And as a Xerox partner, we support both organisations’ comprehensive recycling programmes that manage equipment at the end of life.

Xerox concessionaire:
Xerox takes its corporate responsibility towards protecting the environment incredibly seriously. Their products conserve natural resources through better designs that minimise waste during manufacturing and use. This approach helps maximise energy efficiencies in your office, enhancing your own “green” initiatives.


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