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  • Your users need protection!

    Libraesva is our multi-award-winning affordable choice for total email security. This all- round solution offers total protection with the lowest cost of ownership.

  • 91% of cyberattacks begin with an email

    The Libraesva test will highlight your risk of a data breach or cyberattack. It’s fast, easy, totally safe. The try our automated defence deployment and save £££ vs. the alternatives

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Conduct an email security test TODAY!

You know Microsoft can’t stop the phishing emails, and you’ve probably been told to wait because other solutions are too expensive. Not so with award-winning Libraesva.

We are all under attack, daily. The problem is that cyber criminals are getting ever more sophisticated, and employees struggle to recognise the threats. They need an email defence that’s fit for purpose.

As an IT professional, you know the popular brands, and you have heard how much they cost to install. That’s why you need to evaluate Libraesva, because it’s faster, more effective, and it’s totally affordable.

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Doing nothing is not an option

To be secure, your organisation needs an adaptive trust engine with machine learning and sandboxing. How many of the fifteen threat simulation emails made it through your defences when you ran the test? Remember, only one is enough to destroy your business!

  • Threat emails stopped instantly
  • The affordable solution for every business
  • Archive emails for governance and compliance
  • Works with Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace!
  • Configures in one day with remote support
  • Unique sandbox to stop latest malware

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