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Document Management

Digital document management offers far more than a way to replace cumbersome paper with digital files. It’s a comprehensive system that converts your company’s documents — email, invoices, contracts and other documents — into valuable resources and business intelligence insights.

Solutions which handle and manage various types of documents digitally go by many different names, such as “enterprise content management,” “document management” and “records management.” Regardless of the chosen label, we at Advanced find it helpful to think of four main elements which are at the core of any solution: Capturing and organising documents, providing access and transparency, streamlining collaboration on shared documents and creating a consistent document management infrastructure.

"400 hours per year the average employee spends searching for paper documents. Average time looking for a document with DMS – 1-3 seconds per record”

  • A Central place for storing all documents so time isn’t wasted trying to search for documents.

  • A place to deposit all documents safely.

  • Employees can read share and modify the same document, without duplicating the document and the confusion of which one is the correct one.


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