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Cisco Spark: A Seamless Business Solution

Cisco Spark is an all-in-one business solution that integrates with Xerox MFPs to create a seamless business solution that lets employees collaborate, communicate, and print from the cloud.

You can share and print documents directly through the MyWork Spark App, which means work can be done anywhere and your team members can stay in contact wherever they are; all supported and backed by the security of the Cisco Cloud. End-to-end encryption, single sign-on and room moderation give you peace of mind that your documents are only being seen when and where you want them to be.

Within these meeting rooms, you can schedule HD video and voice calls in the cloud with the whole team, or even schedule 1-on-1 meetings. The highly flexible cloud-based nature of Cisco Spark means team members aren’t tied to their desks; they can use the MyWork Spark App to enjoy all the benefits of Spark when on the go.

Let Advanced UK Help Add Value to Your Business

As a long-standing and trusted Xerox Partner with 26 years’ experience selling, integrating, and supporting B2B products and solutions, you’ll be in expert hands. With Cisco Spark, you can take your usage of Xerox products to the next level, by ensuring seamless integration and collaboration cloud-based collaboration amongst your team members.

To see how Cisco Spark can add value to your existing office ecosystem and grow your business, contact us today by calling 01895 811811 or email for more information.