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Business Consulting

Expertise in print and document management consulting over 10 years with clients and partners, an ongoing process of advancement reflecting a highly dynamic industry is underpinned by ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation.


A holistic and analytical process:

Accurately map the current situation

The tools we have developed ensure rigorous and efficient data collection and analysis for a clear and accurate understanding of the current state allowing proposals for change to have a sound business case to show measurable improvement in cost, efficiency and sustainability.

Provide context

Our mapping of the current state informs you of, for example:

  • Costs per page of print
  • Costs of filing per annum
  • Comparative benchmarking of costs against industry peers

Our wealth of market knowledge will advise which improvements are realistic.

Make recommendations based on measurable benefits

We are focused on providing quantifiable financial, workflow and environmental benefits that will significantly exceed our fees. Business cases we build stand up to cost-benefit analysis by the Finance Team and we will demonstrate the impact of applicable permutations.

Collaborate with the client

We design future-proof strategies and business cases in collaboration with our clients and partners adding the insight and knowledge of key stakeholders and users, ensuring our expertise and recommendations for policies and processes are relevant and testable.

Help with implementation

We continue our holistic approach with clients and partners through to implementation of recommendations providing guidance and expert knowledge in selecting suppliers for the recommended technologies and service, then work alongside to ensure the new strategy maximises the ROI and benefits.

For the public sector

NewField IT has extensive print and document management experience across the whole of the public sector, working with major central government departments, local authorities across the UK, further and higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland and tens of NHS Trusts. We are on both the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) RM1599 Lot 4 and Central Buying Consortium (CBC) Y11171 Lot 6 purchasing contracts for MPS audit services, as well as the Scottish Procurement Framework Lot 2. Our ongoing process of advancement is underpinned by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accreditations.


For MPS suppliers

We apply our expertise and extensive knowledge of the MPS and document automation marketplace for your organisation to achieve additional revenues, benefits, and opportunities.
An extra pair of hands. We perform on-site audits using our highly efficient business process handling the peaks and troughs of the workload with an agreed scope of work at a fixed price, allowing you to avoid using your valuable and often sales focused staff, and resources.

Additional expertise

We increase the range of opportunities for your organisation by providing a wide range of skilled staff within print and document management to work in conjunction with your business in fields that may not be your key area of focus.

Training & proposition development

We focus your business on MPS and Business Process Automation (BPA) to attain higher levels of services by providing a highly structured programme of:

  • Multi-level workshops
  • Building go-to-market strategies
  • Sales training
  • Coaching
  • Ongoing support


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